Event MSM 2006 @ MoDELs 2006
Workshop on Model Size Metric
Genova, ITALY
Event FS4UML @ MoDELs 2006
Symposium: A Formal Semantics for UML
Event CSDUML 2006 @ MoDELs 2006
5th International Workshop on Critical Systems Development Using Modeling Languages
Event MDDAUI 2006 @ MoDELs 2006
2nd International Workshop on Model Driven Development of Advanced User Interfaces
Event MPM 2006 @ MoDELs 2006
Workshop on Multi-Paradigm Modeling : Concepts and Tools
Event [email protected] 06 @ MoDELs 2006
1st Workshop Models @ Run Time
Event ATEM 2006 @ MoDELs 2006
3rd International Workshop on Metamodels, Schemas, Grammars and Ontologies for Reverse Engineering
Event MARTES 2006 @ MoDELs 2006
Workshop on Modeling and Analysis of Real-Time and Embedded Systems
Event QiM 2006 @ MoDELs 2006
Workshop on Quality in Modeling
Event OCLApps 2006 @ MoDELs 2006
Workshop on Quality in Modeling
Event MODEVA 2006 @ MoDELs 2006
Perspectives on Integrating MDA and V&V
Event DSDM 2006
3ero Taller sobre Dessarrollo de Software Dirigido por Modelos, MDA y Aplicaciones
Event DSM 2006 @ OOPSLA 2006
6th OOPSLA Workshop on Domain-Specific Modeling
New book just released in may
"Model Driven Architecture and Ontology Development"
Event QVTI 2006 1st QVT Implementers Workshop
Event GraBaTs 2006 @ ICGT 2006 3rd International Workshop on Graph-Based Tools
Summer School MDE for Embedded System Summer School

The toolset has been released as open source on Acceleo is a new generation code generator tool for Model Driven Development (MDD) and Model Driven Engineering (MDE).
Acceleo is the result of several man-years of R&D started in the French company Obeo. It is based on the latest research advances and industrial best practices

Summer school Advanced School on Visual Modelling Techniques
Leiceister, UK
Event SeTra 2006 @ ICGT 2006 3rd Workshop on Software Evolution though Transformations
Event IWMEC 2006 @ EDOC 2006
International Workshop on Models for Enterprise Computing
15 may 2006
15 may 2006
9 may 2006
The new web portal for the Object Constraint Language
Event MDD&AOSD 2006 @ ECOOP 2006
2nd Workshop on Models and Aspects
Handling Crosscutting Concerns in MDSD
Event Neptune 2006 
Processus de développement logiciel basé sur les modèles
(Model-based Software Processes)
Event C2M 2006 @ ECMDA 2006 2nd Workshop "From Code centric to Model Centric software engineering
New book just released at the end of february
L'Ingénierie Dirigée par les Modèles : au delà du MDA
(Beyond MDA : Model Driven Engineering)
Event ECMDA-TW  @ ECMDA 2006
ECMDA Workshop on Traceability
Event CMT 06  @ ECMDA 2006
European Workshop on Composition of Model Transformation
Event IDM&IHM06  @ IHM2006
Atelier sur l'Ingénierie Dirigiée par les Modèles et l'Intéraction Homme Machines
Event DSPD 2006  @ ECOOP2006
1st ECOOP Workshop on Domain-Specific Program Development
Event ABMB 2006 @ ECMDA 2006
2nd International Workshop on Aspect-Based and Model-Based Separation of Concerns in Software Systems
Event BPUML 2006  @ ER2006
2nd International Workshop on Best Practices of UML
Event MDWE 2006
Model Driven Web Engineering
IEEE Computer, special issue on Model Driven Engineering
Tool MOFScript @ GMT
New tool on the GMT project.
Event WAFOCA 2006
1st International Workshop on Algebraic Foundations for OCL and Applications
Book reference added
Advanced System Design with Java, UML and MDA
Event NWUML 2006
4th Nordic UML Workshop
GaMMa 2006
1st International Workshop on Global Integrated Model Management
Event UMSS 2006
3rd International Workshop on the Application of UML/MDA to Software Systems
Event MDE for Embedded System Summer School
Jobs 2 MDE Engineering Job offers
Triskell/INRIA Rennes
Event MoDELS 2006
9th International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems
Event ECMDA 2006
2nd European Conference on Model Driven Architecture - Foundations and Applications
Event AOM 2006
8th International Workshop on Aspect-Oriented Modeling
Event GaMMa 2006
1st International Workshop on Global Integrated Model Management
Event IDM 2006
2èmes Journées sur l'Ingénierie Dirigée par les Modèles
New book released in november
Atlas MegaModel Management
Event EWSE 2006
ERCIM Workshop on Software Evolution, topics includes Model Driven Software Evolution
Event GT-VMT 2006
5th International Workshop on Graph Transformation and Visual Modeling Techniques
Event MBD-MOMPES 2006
Joint Meeting of the 4th Workshop on Model-Based Development of Computer Based Systems
and 3rd International Workshop on Model-based Methodologies for Pervasive and Embedded Software
Event GPCE 2006
Generative Programming and Component Engineering
Mailing list idm-enseignement
Nouvelle liste pour les enseignants francophones intéressés par le partage d'information et de matériel sur l'IDM
Jobs Stage de fin d'étude à Thales Research & Technology
"Réalisation d’un outil d’usine logicielle (Software Factory)" 
Proceedings New issue of ENCTS, Proceedings of ATEM 2004
Second International Workshop on Metamodels, Schemas and Grammars for Reverse Engineering
VIsual Automated model TRAnsformations
CoMoDe2005 @ ECMDA 2005
Consistency in Model Driven Engineering
Event ADM 2005
Architecture Driven Modernization Workshop
Best Practices for Model Driven Software Development
New book released in august
Model Driven Software Development
Comparison of Model Driven Architecture (MDA) based tools
4th Workshop in Software Model Engineering
WiSME 2005 @ MoDELS 2005
4th Workshop in Software Model Engineering
WUsCaM 2005 @ MoDELs 2005 
Use Cases in Model-Driven Software Engineering
Proceedings Proceedings of IDM05  are on line.
Tutorial Tutorial "Model Driven Engineering & Requirements Engineering" @ RE2005
Tutorial "MDA Standards for Ontology Development" @ ISWC2005
Jobs Postdoc position, "Model-based Software Architecture"
University of Eindhoven, NETHERLANDS
Call for papers WiSME 2005 @ MoDELS 2005
4th Workshop in Software Model Engineering
Event IDM'05 1ère journées sur l'Ingénierie Dirigée par les Modèles 
Model Driven Engineering Days, Paris, FRANCE
Call for papers MT 2006 @ ACM SAC 
Track on Model Transformation, Dijon, FRANCE
Jobs Temporary *Expert* position, "UML/Real-Time Embedded"
, Sophia-Antipolis, FRANCE

New book!
Modellgetriebene Softwareentwicklung Techniken, Engineering, Management
Call for papers @ SPLC Europe 2005
First European Workshop on Model Transformation
Call for papers @GPCE 2004
International Workshop on Graph and Model Transformation
Call for papers Boston, USA
Event , Stuttgarter Software-technik Forum
Model-Based Software Development, 
Jobs Full Professor position including MDE, "Dependable Systems"
University of Luxembourg, LUXEMBOURG
Jobs Post-Doctoral position including MDE at ADELE-LSR-IMAG,
University of Grenooble, FRANCE
FDAYS'05 3rd International Fujaba Days 2005: "MDD in Practice",
Jobs Post-doctoral position at LORIA: refinement of UML models
Jobs Postdoc Training Grants in Model Driven Software Evolution
 LORE and FOTS, Antwerp, BELGIUM
Jobs "Ingénierie Système Centrée sur les Modèles", 
CNES à Toulouse, FRANCE
The project passed  in the Validation Phase on April 28, 2005
Call for papers Neptune Days, Model Driven Engineering, Model Verification

Ingénierie des modèles: vérification de modèles, Paris, FRANCE
New book!
MDA in action
MDA en action, Avril 2005
New book!
MDA, Model-Driven Object-oriented design 
MDA, Conception orientée objet guidée par les modèles, Avril 2005
New electronic proceedings! 
Language Engineering for Model-Driven Software Development
Proceedings of the Dagstuhl Seminar 04101 is now available on line


MDE-related invited talks: